Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Degree Information


The BFA in Graphic design requires 72 CREDIT HOURS of Department of Art + Design Courses with grades of C- or better.

24 Credit Hours of Department of Art + Design Requirements

With the exception of the foundations courses, which are taken during the first year, there is no sequence or order one must take the courses in this section. However, be advised that each course is not offered every semester.

  • (4)  Introduction to Art History I  or  Introduction to Art History II*
  • (4)  Foundations of Art I
  • (4)  Foundations of Art II
  • (4)  Drawing (Sophomore year preferred)
  • (4)  Digital Photography
  • (4)  Contemporary Art History*

36 Credit Hours of Graphic Design Requirements

The courses in this section are sequenced, and are taken in a specific order noted in parenthesis after each course

  • (4) Computer Applications in Graphic Design (Spring Freshman Year)
  • (4) Visual Communications (Fall Sophomore Year)
  • (4) Typography (Spring Sophomore Year)
  • (4) Package Design (Fall Junior Year)
  • (4) Interactive Graphic Design I (Fall Junior/Senior Year)
  • (4) Brand Identity Design (Spring Junior Year)
  • (4) Publication Design (Fall Senior Year)
  • (4) Interactive Graphic Design II (Spring Junior/Senior Year)
  • (4) Graphic Design Studio* (Spring Senior Year—Capstone Course)

12 Credit Hours of Electives Requirements

Choose from any other art or graphic design courses, including Independent Study and Internship.

  • (4) _____________________________________________
  • (4) _____________________________________________
  • (4) _____________________________________________

Sample BFAGD Four-Year Course Sequence

Susquehanna requires the completion of 124 Credits for graduation, though students often wish to take more credits than are required.

Our dynamic Central Curriculum  allows students to meet requirements with a variety or courses and a varying number of credits. (Numerous CC courses will double count in multiple CC areas. For example, Women in Art is a popular art history course that is taken by many graphic design majors as one of their required departmental electives. It satisfies the CC Interdisciplinary, Writing Intensive, and Diversity Intensive requirements.)

In order to show the ease with which all university requirements can be accomplished, this sample four-year sequence assumes that students will not test out of the foreign language requirement and will not take a triple-counting CC class such as Women in Art.

Fall Semester, Year One

(4) Foundations of Art I

(4) Writing and Thinking (CC)

(4) Perspectives (CC)

(4) Central Curriculum Course (Social Interactions)

Spring Semester, Year One

(4) Foundations of Art II

(4) Computer Applications in Graphic Design

(4) Introduction to Art History I or II (CC Artistic Expression)

(4) Central Curriculum Course (Historical Perspectives)

Fall Semester, Year Two

(4) Visual Communications

(4) Drawing

(4) Central Curriculum Foreign Language

(4) Central Curriculum Course (Ethics)

Spring Semester, Year Two

(4) Typography

(4) Digital Photography

(4) Central Curriculum Foreign Language

(4) Central Curriculum Course (Literary Expression, Diversity)

Fall Semester, Year Three

(4) Package Design

(4) Interactive Graphic Design I

(4) Contemporary Art (CC Ethics Intensive)

(4) Central Curriculum Course (Scientific Explanations)

Spring Semester, Year Three

(4) Brand Identity Design

(4) Interactive Graphic Design II

(4) Art + Design Elective

(4) Central Curriculum Course (Interdisciplinary, Diversity Intensive)

Fall Semester, Year Four

(4) Publication Design

(4) Art + Design Elective

(4) Central Curriculum Course (Analytical Thought)

(4) Central Curriculum Course (Writing Intensive)

Spring Semester, Year Four

(4) Graphic Design Studio (CC Capstone)

(4) Art + Design Elective

(4) Central Curriculum Course (Writing Intensive)