Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design (BAGD) Degree Information


The BA in Graphic design requires 48 CREDIT HOURS of Department of Art + Design Courses with grades of C- or better.

20 Credit Hours of Department of Art + Design Requirements

There is no sequence or order one must take the courses below. However, be advised that each course is not offered every semester.

  • (4)  Introduction to Art History I  or  Introduction to Art History II*
  • (4)  Foundations of Art I
  • (4)  Drawing  or  Digital Photography  or  Art History Elective
  • (4)  Senior Portfolio

16 Credit Hours of Graphic Design Requirements

The following list of courses is sequenced, each acting as a prerequisite to the next. The sequence can be completed in four semesters.

  • (4)  Computer Applications in Graphic Design (spring and fall)
  • (4)  Visual Communications (fall)
  • (4)  Typography (spring)
  • (4)  One course chosen from the following:
    • Package Design (fall)
    • Interactive Graphic Design I (fall)
    • Brand Identity Design (spring)
    • Independent Study

12 Credit Hours of Electives Requirements

Choose from any other art or graphic design courses, including Independent Study and Internship.

  • (4) _____________________________________________
  • (4) _____________________________________________
  • (4) _____________________________________________

Sample BAGD Course Sequence

The 48-credit Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design program is designed to be completed as part of a double major. Consequently, most students will be able to complete these requirements in three years. This sample sequence does not include Central Curriculum courses or those for a second major. (A sample four-year CC sequence is included with the BFAGD course sequence.) Susquehanna requires the completion of 124 Credits for graduation, though students often wish to take more credits than are required.

Fall Semester, Year One

(4) Foundations of Art I

(4) Introduction to Art History I or II

Spring Semester, Year One

(4) Computer Applications in Graphic Design

(4) Drawing or Digital Photography

Fall Semester, Year Two

(4) Visual Communications

(4) Art + Design Elective

Spring Semester, Year Two

(4) Typography

(4) 300-Level Art History Elective

Fall Semester, Year Three

(4) Package Design or Interactive Graphic Design I

(4) Art + Design Elective

Spring Semester, Year Three

(4) Senior Portfolio

(4) Art + Design Elective